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Getting and staying financially organized is a must but it takes time.  Our QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Bookkeepers are experienced and can help you meet your goal of staying organized;  a goal that can help you meet other goals for your business. Contact us today to get your business Financially Organized using our Experience Bookkeepers.


As your company grows so does your workforce, allow us to assist you with your employee payroll services to ensure quick accurate and timely payroll for your employees.

Health & Benefits

Health Insurance is something we all need but sometimes it can be difficult for small businesses/individuals to afford.  Contact us today for low-cost Health Insurance options, rather it be a group or an individual plan we can meet your Health & Benefits needs.

Worker’s Compensation

Protect your company and your employees with a Worker’s Compensation plan. Numerous options available for businesses of multiple sizes.


Providing your employees with an opportunity to save for their future through one of our retirement options will ensure your employees feel secure regarding their future now and in the future.

Other Services

Running a business entails multiple people/skills and time! Focus your skillset on building your business and allow us to do the rest.  With our additional virtual support services, you can spend your time where it counts – Growing your Business!

About McClain Bookkeeping Firm, LLC

Established in November 2021 by Kathy McClain, McClain Bookkeeping Firm LLC was started with pure determination! Kathy was a full-time corporate employee that started her dream. Working McClain Bookkeeping Firm LLC part time and then by December, Kathy was able to quit her corporate job and work on McClain Bookkeeping Firm LLC full time!  This business has enabled many partnerships and has enabled many small businesses to have their bookkeeping and other professional services handled. 

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We work remotely. Contact us to schedule a virtual meeting. 



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Upcoming Events

Getting Clients for Your Bookkeeping Business

Are you an independent Bookkeeper looking to grow and expand your business?  Are you looking for clients but don't know where to start?  We offer a webinar that can help you attain your goal of reaching and contracting your ideal client!  Sign up today for our affordable 3-part webinar that will give you the knowledge you need to start and expand your clientele.

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Preparing for Tax Season

Owning and operating a business can be stressful enough, don’t let tax time add to your worries.  With our staff of QuickBooks Certified Bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants (CPA), we can help you get back to focusing on growing your business.  Contact us today for options regarding your business for the Tax Season.

Supportive Business Services

Payroll / HR Management

As you grow so will your need for employees.  Receive low cost and timely payroll and HR Management Services to ensure that employees are paid on time according to agreement and always have HR services available for employees.

Attorney and Legal Assistance

Keeping an Attorney on retainer can be very costly especially for a small business.  Let us assist you with low-cost legal retainer plans so that you always have access for assistance rather it be legal questions, help with a contract, etc.  This plans also covers Identity Theft for you and your employees too, an excellent service for any small business to offer their employees!

Printing Services

Make sure that your business cards and marketing materials are done professionally.  Here at McClain Bookkeeping we also offer printing services to ensure that your business printing needs are cared for.

Virtual Assistants

In any business, finding and hiring a reliable assistant can be a daunting task.  Your business needs and what they are looking for may not always match up.  Resolve that issue with our Virtual Assistants.  Available when you need them, they can ensure that you are not wasting revenue on an Assistant that isn’t being fully used.

Marketing Specialists (Direct, Online)

Direct and online marketing promote your business to develop leads, drive conversions, and cultivate leads that are not yet ready to purchase. 

Privacy and Security Compliance

Employing the data privacy, data protections, and data security to protect your customer data from misuse and bad actors. 

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Business Hours

M-F: 10:30am - 5:00pm

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